Tierre TCL Dynamic Super

Designed for maintenance work on road sides and banks on farms, the TCL DYNAMIC SUPER mulchers are multipurpose and professional machines that can be used to cut grass, runners and brambles.

The machine is equipped with double-edged hammers and an anti-clogging wheel, both Tierre patented, which enable facing even the most difficult maintenance work, which can occasionally arise.

Thanks to the external multiplier group on the “SUPER” version, the mulcher can go completely outside of the tractor’s tread, making it particularly suitable for roadside maintenance.

Finally, the TLC model mulchers can be equipped with the Terre exclusive “MULTIAGGRESSIVI” rotors, which assemble a large number of tools that are much more superior than traditional ones, enabling better weight distribution on the rotor, greater work speed and a finer cut product for better ground reabsorption.

The machines are equipped with a Cardan joint, self-levelling system, a freewheel multiplier group, and an adjustable self-cleaning support roller on slides.


  • Tractor linkage Cat.3
  • Oil sealed transmission with free wheel
  • Supporting slides height adjustable
  • Rest
  • Toothed belts
  • Rotor bearings with double oscillating sphere
  • Electronically balanced rotor
  • Rotor diameter 127mm
  • Supporting roller with adjustable in height scraper
  • Roller diameter 194mm
  • P.T.O. shaft
  • Protecting carter
  • Junction for self levelling on the ground
  • Cutting speed 45 m/sec

Tierre TCL Dynamic Super


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