Pronar PDF300C

PRONAR PDF300C with a swath conditioner is a modern, built using the latest materials and technologies front mounted disc mower with excellent functional characteristics. It has a modern design, lightweight structure and a large 510 mm working width. PRONAR PDF300C offers optimum adjustment of contact with the ground – height of 270 mm and 240 mm below the working position. During mowing, the blade beam precisely follows even the largest irregularities of the ground. Inclination with regard to the ground is from + 7to – 60. Such work of the suspension provides clean and aesthetic cut and the right cutting height.

To work with a tractor the mower should be equipped with front linkage and PTO and have (front) one hydraulic section.

PRONAR PDF 300C mowers are equipped with a standard tractor triangle hitch ( quick hitch) of category II and are mounted on the front three-point linkage of a 60/75 HP tractor.

PRONAR PDF 300C front mounted mower can be used together with PDD830 rear mounted mowers. The width of such a unit is 8,3 m.

300 cm
1020 Kg
Eigen gewicht
75 Pk
Vermogen vanaf
Aantal schijven
Totale breedte 3550 mm
Hoogte in werkpositie 1280 mm
Lengte in werkpositie 1820 mm
Breedte in transportstand min / max 3200 mm
Werkbreedte 3000 mm
Zwadbreedte min / max 1500/2300 mm
Facilitatie Mechanisch
Aantal schijven 7
Aantal messen (L/R) 14 (8/6)
Afmetingen messen 120x49x4
Rotatiesnelheid van schijven 3000 tpm
Transport positie Horizontaal aan de voorzijde van de tractor, opgeheven op de cilinder van de maaier
Aftakas Standaard
Spray RAL 6010 400ml Standaard
Aanbevolen maaisnelheid 10 km/u
Benodigd vermogen 75 Pk
Gewicht 1020 Kg
Aftakastoerental 1000 tpm
Ophanging fronthef Cat. II acc.