Pronar PDT300C

PRONAR PDT300C rear mounted disc mower. Central suspension which was used in the mower ensures an excellent operation on uneven and steep surface, clean and aesthetic cut and also optimum cutting height. Another advantage of this design is the three – step adjustment system of stay springs – 70, 80 or 90 kg which guarantees optimum pressure of the mower on the ground depending on the type of surface from soft soil, peat, up to the hard and dry. Extensive range of inclination (-16º to + 11º) facilitates operation on uneven and steep surface.

All components in direct contact with the ground are made of hardened boron steel.

PRONAR PDT 300C rear mounted disc mower is equipped with a swath conditioner. This mower performs simultaneous grass mowing and swath conditioning. Consequently, grass is dried faster because conditioner teeth distribute mown material uniformly.

Transporting the mower can take place in three different positions:

  • vertically at the rear of the tractor;
  • vertically at the side of the tractor;
  • horizontally at the rear of the tractor.

This model has light but strong structure where high quality cutter bars made of materials with increased strength were used. Cutter bars were designed in PRONAR Department of Implementation and tested in highly demanding conditions. The results meet the requirements of even the most demanding farmers.

300 cm, 490 cm
930 Kg
Eigen gewicht
Vermogen vanaf
Aantal schijven
Totale breedte in werkpositie 4920mm
Totale hoogte in werkpositie 1300 mm
lengte in werkpositie 1765 mm
Lengte in transportstand min/max 1765/4410 mm
Breedte in transportstand min/max 1735/1760
Hoogte in transportstand min/max 1480/3740
Werkbreedte 3000 mm
Aantal schijven 7
Aantal messen (L/R) 14 (8/6)
Afmetingen messen 120x49x4
Rotatiesnelheid van schijven 3000 tpm
Transportpositie Verticaal aan de zijkant van de tractor hydraulisch verstelbaar. Verticaal aan de achterzijde van een tractor hydraulisch verstelbaar. Horizontaal aan de achterzijde van een tractor.
Riemmaat SBP 1525
Aantal riemen 3
Hydraulische instellingen
Vereist Hydr. vermogen Hydr. aansluiting aan de voorzijde van de tractor
Snelle messenvervanging
Aftakas Standaard
Extra set messen Standaard
Spray RAL 6010 400ml standaard
Zwadbreedte min / max (1500/2300) mm
Aanbevolen maaisnelheid 10km/ u
Eigen gewicht 930 Kg
Benodigd vermogen Min 75PK
Aftakastoerental 1000 tpm
Ophanging fronthef Cat II en III acc