Pronar PWP460

New rotary tedder Pronar PWP460 now available- ask our representative for an offer.

New rotary tedder PWP460 is a necessary device on every farm. It is used for spreading freshly mown grass or lightly dried hay, in order to speed up the drying process. With tedding we obtain the optimum moisture content of harvested feed in a short time with minimum losses caused by crumbles. New rotary tedder PWP460 is the ideal device for large agricultural companies focused on the production of milk and cattle meat, where time and high quality of abstracted feed counts. PWP460 requires a small tractor with a minimum power of 30 hp, so it will also apply to small and medium-sized farms.


460 cm
600 Kg.
Eigen gewicht
Aantal rotors
30 PK
Vermogen vanaf
Werkbreedte 460 cm
Totale Lengte 240 cm
Breedte in werk- / transportpositie 500/299 cm
Hoogte in transportpositie 390 cm
aantal rotors 4
Armen op een rotor 6
Cat. I en II
Aftakastoerental 540
Gewicht 600 Kg
Benodigd vermogen Min. 30PK
Aanbevolden snelheid 10 KM/uur
Werkcapaciteit 4,6 ha/uur
Banden 16 × 6.5 - 8 (6PR)