Pronar PWP770

Rotary tedder PRONAR PWP770 is designed for spreading mowed, low stalk green plants and dried hay and spreading to scour the cuted plants in cultivated fields and meadows. Tedder swath PWP770 with a working width of 7,7 m with six rotors. Each carousel is provided with seven operating arms, which allows to obtain high performance operation (7,7ha / h). Active, cushioned suspension copies terrain. Easy to use does not cause problem for the operator which allows to quickly obtain the required operating parameters. Tedder can be aggregated with tractors cat.I and II according to ISO 730-1. With a weight of 915 kg, its power requirement 37/50 kW / hp.


770 cm
915 Kg.
Eigen gewicht
Aantal rotors
50 PK
Vermogen vanaf
Werkbreedte 770 cm
Totale Lengte 255 cm
Breedte in werk- / transportpositie 827/299 cm
Hoogte in transportpositie 390 cm
aantal rotors 6
Armen op een rotor 7
Cat. I en II
Aftakastoerental 540
Gewicht 915 Kg
Benodigd vermogen Min. 50PK
Aanbevolden snelheid 10 KM/uur
Werkcapaciteit 7,7 ha/uur
Banden 16 × 6.5 - 8 (6PR)